Exterior Stone and Plaster

(Limestone featured below is a limestone veneer, applied directly to surface or architectural shapes.)

Columns - ArcusStone 
over architechtural foam .

Complete exterior including limestone trim and turret.

Limestone custom staining.

Limestone ceiling.

ArcusStone-Old world pool deck, coping and steps.

Complete exterior ArcusStone coating.

Limestone mailbox and pier cap.

Limestone walkways and pier caps.

Limestone entry floor to ceiling w/trim.

Limestone walkways.

Cool Stone walkways

Cool Stone Coping and Pool Deck

Cool Stone Driveway

ArcusStone exterior walls.

Old world steps and coping.

Extra large BBQ island with limestone coating.

Italian theme garage - ArcusStone flooring with various wall finishes and murals.

ArcusStone  BBQ island - counter, island and floor.

Complete exterior in ArcusStone - (3 story private residence)

ArcusStone pool coping and garden arch.

ArcusStone fountain